About proto curb defects

Proto grade curbs can have following defects:

- Weaker concrete mix (probably still a lot stronger than your DIY curb).

- A bit stronger mix, but cracked. Not affecting skateability. Attaching to the ground prevents the crack from getting bigger. We have skated one cracked curb whole summer. No one even knows it's cracker, as the crack remained so small because of fixing it to the ground.

- Mix is fine, we just accidentally did some crash tests. 

Typical crack. If you glue the curb to the ground, you won't feel the crack with your trucks and the crack won't get bigger.


Satisfaction quarantee

You can check the curb while you receive it. You have full right to decline the delivery and we will refund the order.

If you later want to cancel the order, you need to return the unskated curb to our facilities at Akaa, Finland within 90 days.