Collection: Slappy Championships

Always wanted to skate Havumäki Ranch?

Always wanted to skate downhill full of special slappy curbs?

Now you can have both. And a lot more, including:

  • Slappy curb related street contests
  • Curbs on pool - jam
  • Sauna & hot tub
  • Easy transportation from Helsinki & Tampere
  • Many hostel & camping solutions
  • Crazy RoadWalls Eurotour premiere
  • Other premieres
  • DJ & Open mic
  • Tasty food experiences
  • Campfire

How to get there?

  • Festival bus from Helsinki
  • Festival bus from Tampere
  • Your own car
  • Contact us for group rides from Jyväskylä
  • From Abroad, Tallinn-Helsinki Eckeröline 2.6. 6:00-->8:15 (~17€) and then the Festival bus

Where should you sleep?